Kid’s Snacks

July 30, 2018 | Linda Farida Rachmat


Indonesia is rich in culinary traditions. Besides being rich in traditional heritage, Indonesians like and often experiment with new forms of cuisines which is increasingly trending lately. All you need is browse the hashtags #kulinerindonesia or #kulinerindonesiaku on the Instagram social media platform, voila! Thousands of pictures of Indonesian food, Indonesian creative works of traditional heritage and contemporary Indonesian cuisines.

Creativity such as this also seen in snacks for kids. Every few months, a new popular kids’ snacks hits the market. After a few months, a new snack will replace the old ones.

Lots of kids are flocking to buy the snacks peddled from food hawkers in front of the school gates, such as in kindergartens, primary or junior high schools. The way they sell are quite unique, at each corner there is a mobile food hawker’s cart, a carrying pole (pikulan), bicycles, motorcycles, and sometimes small car.

Here are pictures of kids’ snacks from different period of time. Some of them may have been very hard to find these days, but in their time, they were so popular among children. Berikut ini adalah gambar jajanan anak dari masa ke masa. While some of them are being favorites of Indonesian children today.


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